Suburban Electric Contracting Inc (SEC) was established in 1958 by Ramon E. Piazza. Running the business out of the office in the basement of his house while raising thirteen children, he prided himself on providing a professional yet family-orientated atmosphere.

Since its conception in 1958, SEC has emerged in the Electrical Construction field as a Team-Orientated company. When I say “Team-Orientated”, I am referring not only to the SEC team of Estimators, Project Managers, Forepersons, Electricians, Apprentices, and Office Personnel who see the projects through from start to finish, but also to the team SEC joins each time it begins a new project.

We view the production team, between the General Contractor and SEC, as an integral component of a successful project. This team relationship creates a successful and beneficial working atmosphere in which we respond and fulfill our clients’ needs while maintaining a mutually profitable relationship with our vendors.

We pride ourselves on providing competitive bids, intense customer service, high safety standards and a well-trained and motivated Team. These are all part of the foundation of SEC’s Team, of which I am proud to be a member.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I can be reached by Phone at 781-344-5553, or by Fax at 781-344-1101.

Suburban Electric Contracting Inc.

Richard M. Piazza